My Interest

Cameron Wilson is a contemporary serial killer I read about in an article just recently. Learning about what he did to his victims and then catching sight of his pompous attitude and irritating smirks makes me wonder if capital punishment wouldn't have been better suited for his penance. I can only hope his time spent in prison will result in some very painful years.

Facts and Profile

Cameron Wilson, a sick serial killer who raped and stabbed his final victim 98 times, clapped in court as he was sent to prison for four life sentences plus an additional 71 years. In a vile attack on the families of those Cameron Wilson targeted, on being sentenced, he said loudly, 'At least I'm still alive'. He was found guilty in a South African court of 13 charges including five murders, one rape and three attempted murder charges.
Listening to his fate, the 20-year-old appeared unfazed by the crowded gallery as Western Cape High Court Judge Chantel Fortuin read her ruling. Wearing a navy Nike tracksuit top, Wilson could be seen smiling, giggling and slouching in the dock.
Fortuin said looking at Wilson’s background, he came from a stable family despite him being raised in Heinz Park a community infested by drugs and gangs.
“Millions of children grew up in such communities, but did not rape or kill. None of the victims did anything to provoke you before you killed them. You had opportunities to show sympathy and remorse, but chose not to."
Wilson received four life terms for the murders of Toyher Stober, Mohale, Lekita Moore and  16-year-old Stacey Lee Mohale, who was raped, stoned and then set alight. When these murders were mentioned, he laughed, and rolled his eyes when he heard the life sentences being called out. Angry members of his victims' shouted, 'You will rot in hell', and 'Murderer', from the public gallery. 
Psychologists who examined Wilson during his 51-day trial and sentencing submitted reports to the court and declared Wilson a serial killer and psychopath with very limited chances of being rehabilitated, National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila said.